Looking for a Fresh Take on the Holiday Color Palette? Here Are 10 You’ll Love

Maybe green and red aren’t your thing — or you love them but you’re ready to expand your holiday color palette. Whether you’re looking for holiday painting ideas (it’s a great time to update the kitchen, just in time for holiday parties) or looking for new décor, there are a whole host of non-traditional Christmas colors that you can embrace.

Gold and White

While red and green have their own traditional charm, gold and white put a warm, modern spin on the holiday color palette. The nice thing about gold is that you can go metallic, non-metallic or a mix of both. And you’ll see white as a natural pairing in a lot of these holiday color palettes, not just because it’s the perfect neutral, but because it embodies the feeling of the snowy season.

Black and Red

Black and red holiday decorations in home

Black, red and green are the traditional color palette of Kwanzaa. So, if you’re celebrating your African roots, you probably already have these symbolic colors in your scheme. But if you’re new to Kwanzaa, or you want to add an elegant vibe to your Christmas color scheme, add black to your traditional red. And if you’re looking to make your holiday color palette pop, try painting an accent wall a bold red.

Silver and White

Silver and white holiday home inspiration

Like gold, silver has always been a holiday accent color. But instead of relegating this to a supporting role, put this cool, sparkling hue in the spotlight. It will make your space feel like the moon is shining on snow or you’re snuggled up with a warm drink on a cloudy day.

Natural Wood and White

Natural wood and white holiday home decor

Show your love of all things winter with a cozy combination of natural wood and white. This holiday color palette, so simple and soothing, will help you appreciate the little things. It’s like hygge come to life.

Natural Wood and Green

Natural wood and green holiday home decor

If you love cabin décor, try natural wood and green. This simple, outdoorsy palette is both classic and fresh. We love the way the green pops against the wood hues. And if you’re thinking of using this as one of your holiday painting ideas, wouldn’t a green guest bedroom with natural wood accents be beautiful year-round?

Mint Green and White

Mint and green holiday home decor

Embrace the vintage color trend with a mint green and white holiday color palette. This soothing color palette brings instant cheer to any space. And mint is versatile enough to work with a variety of colors, which makes it easy to combine with your existing holiday décor.

Blue and Silver

Blue and silver holiday home decor

While blue and white are the most popular Hanukkah colors, blue and silver aren’t far behind. Connected to faith and brotherhood, these colors bring meaning to the season. For celebrators of Christmas, blue and silver make and equally beautiful holiday color palette. And, of course, blue would make a timeless hue for a dining room, if you’re looking holiday painting ideas.

Pink and White

Pink and white holiday home decor

While pink and white tend to be associated with kids’ rooms, it makes a fun holiday color palette for grownups, too. We love the sassy, feminine feel of this combo.

Holiday Color Palettes … and Beyond

When it’s time to think about holiday painting ideas for your home, our interior painting service is here to help. You can get a free online quote and then let us manage your paint job, giving you time to enjoy the holidays.

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