Boost Your Home’s Value with Exterior Painting


If you’re trying to sell your house, you’re probably looking for ways to boost your home’s value and appeal significantly. Well, there’s one thing that can help you accomplish just that – exterior painting. A quality paint job will not only entice prospective buyers, but it will save them from having to do it themselves for several years. If you’re still not convinced, read along for more ways exterior painting can boost your home value.

Exterior Painting Will Improve Your Curb Appeal

Have you ever heard the term “curb appeal”? You might think it’s some meaningless piece of jargon, but it matters a lot more than you think – just ask any realtor! Essentially, if your home doesn’t look good on the outside, you’re not going to attract potential buyers. Since the exterior of your home is the first thing people see, you must make a lasting first impression. A nice-looking house will only make people interested in wanting to see what the inside looks like as well, increasing your chances of making a sale. Plus, a freshly repainted home is something you’ll get to enjoy too. Even if you’re not selling your property, you get to return to a beautiful-looking house every day. Ultimately, it’s a win-win situation!

You Can Avoid Being the “Unicorn” Home

You’ve probably heard many times in your life that standing out is always better than blending in. Well, that doesn’t necessarily apply when it comes to the color of your home. You should always choose an exterior paint color that matches the other homes. For example, if your neighborhood is lined with beige-colored homes, it wouldn’t be a good idea to paint yours bright red. Otherwise, you’ll become the “unicorn” home. That term refers to a home that doesn’t fit the neighborhood or is too overpriced for the surrounding area. If you ask any realtor, they’ll tell you that almost no one wants these types of houses. To avoid becoming a “unicorn”, check with the Homeowner’s Association (if there’s one) and ask if there are any rules, guidelines, and color recommendations you should follow.

Fresh Paint Sends a Positive Message

When prospective buyers see your home, you surely want to make a positive first impression. Well, a fresh coat of paint on the outside of your house can say a lot about your property. It’ll tell buyers that you take proper care and maintenance of the home. But if the exterior paint is old, faded, and peeling, it might be sending the opposite message. If you’re trying to get your house off the market, that’s something you want to avoid at all costs.

Exterior painting is an excellent way to transform your home. However, it’s always best to leave big projects like that to the pros. With their help, you can get jaw-dropping results and boost your home value in no time!

About Platinum Painting

At Platinum Painting, we take pride in offering our customers quality services and stunning results. Our team is committed to the satisfaction of every homeowner, which is why our home painting projects are always successful. If you’d like to boost your home value with exterior painting, let us do the hard work for you. Visit our website or call our team for a free estimate.

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Looking for Holiday Fun for the Family? How About a Paint and Sip?

So, the big kids are home from college (or work) for the holidays. If you’re not watching Die Hard again (hey, it’s a Christmas movie!), shopping for gifts or running to the coffee shop for a peppermint latte, what are you planning to do to keep them busy? How about a grownup paint and sip*? Family painting can be fun, especially when you’re putting your arts and crafts skills to work together.

Virtual Paint and Sips*

Virtual paint and sips* let you grab your eggnog and settle in for an evening of fun. These online painting companies send everything you need to paint, plus they provide art instructors that guide you through the painting of your choice. This is a fun way to create something you’ll be glad to hang, give as a gift or keep as a memory.

Family Paint Night

Perfect for a long winter night, these self-paced, paint-at-home programs let you choose a painting and paint when the time is right. You’ll receive art supplies and access to a video tutorial, which you can pause as needed to adjust your paintings (or go for more hot cocoa*). These companies usually offer a variety of kits to choose from, from a full-service option that includes an easel to a streamlined version that offers just the paint refills (in case you’re already a repeat customer).

Paint and Sip* Alternative: Art Centers

Paint and sips* aren’t the only option for family painting activities. Your local art center website is also a great source for painting ideas. Many offer links to painting projects, including fun ones for the holidays like painting on foil, making marbled coasters and doing stained glass art.

Painting the House

Okay, it’s the holidays. Maybe you’re not looking for more work to add to your already busy schedule. But if you’re the kind of family who enjoys DIYing together, take advantage of all those other grownups in the house to make short work of a big job. Paint that accent wall you’ve been dreaming of for the dining room – the perfect backdrop for holiday meals. Or how about updating the guest bedroom’s paint color before the rest of the guests descend? Not only will you have the memories of brightening your house together, you’ll have a sense of accomplishment as a family. And often, those experiences are far more satisfying than any gift you could buy.

Paint and Sip or Sip* and Relax?

If you feel inspired by the idea of a family paint and sip, you may also be inspired by our Color Tool, with its trending colors, free paint swatches and online quotes from sales reps. And if you’d rather relax for the holidays than spend your time painting, let our interior house painters manage and finish your paint job.

*Please make sure not to consume beverages or food near wet paint products. Please make sure the paint is dried and away when you drink or eat.

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Looking for a Fresh Take on the Holiday Color Palette? Here Are 10 You’ll Love

Maybe green and red aren’t your thing — or you love them but you’re ready to expand your holiday color palette. Whether you’re looking for holiday painting ideas (it’s a great time to update the kitchen, just in time for holiday parties) or looking for new décor, there are a whole host of non-traditional Christmas colors that you can embrace.

Gold and White

While red and green have their own traditional charm, gold and white put a warm, modern spin on the holiday color palette. The nice thing about gold is that you can go metallic, non-metallic or a mix of both. And you’ll see white as a natural pairing in a lot of these holiday color palettes, not just because it’s the perfect neutral, but because it embodies the feeling of the snowy season.

Black and Red

Black and red holiday decorations in home

Black, red and green are the traditional color palette of Kwanzaa. So, if you’re celebrating your African roots, you probably already have these symbolic colors in your scheme. But if you’re new to Kwanzaa, or you want to add an elegant vibe to your Christmas color scheme, add black to your traditional red. And if you’re looking to make your holiday color palette pop, try painting an accent wall a bold red.

Silver and White

Silver and white holiday home inspiration

Like gold, silver has always been a holiday accent color. But instead of relegating this to a supporting role, put this cool, sparkling hue in the spotlight. It will make your space feel like the moon is shining on snow or you’re snuggled up with a warm drink on a cloudy day.

Natural Wood and White

Natural wood and white holiday home decor

Show your love of all things winter with a cozy combination of natural wood and white. This holiday color palette, so simple and soothing, will help you appreciate the little things. It’s like hygge come to life.

Natural Wood and Green

Natural wood and green holiday home decor

If you love cabin décor, try natural wood and green. This simple, outdoorsy palette is both classic and fresh. We love the way the green pops against the wood hues. And if you’re thinking of using this as one of your holiday painting ideas, wouldn’t a green guest bedroom with natural wood accents be beautiful year-round?

Mint Green and White

Mint and green holiday home decor

Embrace the vintage color trend with a mint green and white holiday color palette. This soothing color palette brings instant cheer to any space. And mint is versatile enough to work with a variety of colors, which makes it easy to combine with your existing holiday décor.

Blue and Silver

Blue and silver holiday home decor

While blue and white are the most popular Hanukkah colors, blue and silver aren’t far behind. Connected to faith and brotherhood, these colors bring meaning to the season. For celebrators of Christmas, blue and silver make and equally beautiful holiday color palette. And, of course, blue would make a timeless hue for a dining room, if you’re looking holiday painting ideas.

Pink and White

Pink and white holiday home decor

While pink and white tend to be associated with kids’ rooms, it makes a fun holiday color palette for grownups, too. We love the sassy, feminine feel of this combo.

Holiday Color Palettes … and Beyond

When it’s time to think about holiday painting ideas for your home, our interior painting service is here to help. You can get a free online quote and then let us manage your paint job, giving you time to enjoy the holidays.

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5 Priceless Tips for Painting from Professionals


You turn the TV off after watching several shows on HGTV and the DIY Network, and you feel the urge to tackle a home project on your own. You decide to paint your bedroom—your sacred space. Although few people will get the privilege of seeing your work, you will view it every day, so you want it to look perfect. As you go to start the process, you will soon realize that this project may involve more than you originally thought. Here are some helpful tips for painting from professionals so that your paint comes out just the way you want!

Don’t Be Afraid to Be Creative

Are you wanting to make a bold statement? Do you want to express yourself in the room? You don’t only have the décor at your disposal—feel free to use the walls as a creative outlet. A well-chosen, bold color choice can make a wall or room evoke certain vibes and stand out in the best possible way. Take a close look at what inspires you, and choose a color scheme that you love.

Consider All Design Elements

Sometimes, homeowners get so excited to see a different color on the walls that they choose the paint color before they think about how it will look with the décor. For example, the wood stain in the flooring in the room needs to complement the paint color so that you don’t have conflicting schemes.

Choose High-Quality Materials

Although the idea of saving money on the project is appealing, the quality of paint and other materials is not something you should compromise on. Cheap paints will require more work to apply and likely won’t last nearly as long as those that are trusted by professional painters.

Set Aside Enough Time for Painting

At first glance, the painting process seems simple, but it can take longer than you think. You have to prep the walls and room, paint, wait for the paint to dry before applying another layer, and apply a second coat. To get the paint job done the right way, you need to dedicate enough time to the project. Otherwise, you could end up with uneven coverage, flaws, or a big mess.

Go with a Pro

If you want flawless results that look like they were done by professionals, you may want to hire a professional to do the work. Assuming they are experts, you can sit back or get other to-do list items done while they take care of the time-consuming part, along with the little details. In other words, you can have peace of mind that it’s being done correctly.

In the end, when you enter your project room, you should feel nothing but happy with the paint job. Whether you accomplish it on your own or have a professional team do it for you, you can love your space and feel right at home!

About Platinum Painting

Platinum Painting began in 2008 with Karl and Marjorie Pickens in Keller. Now, we’ve expanded to serve homeowners throughout the DFW area and beyond. We’ve been voted #1 on Angie’s List for residential painters in North Texas for more than eight years, and you’ll quickly see why when you give us a call. Our priority is always our customers’ satisfaction! If you’d like to get a free, in-home estimate, you can contact us on our website here.

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How Often Should You Repaint? Our Pros Share the Facts

As a homeowner maintenance is both a blessing and a curse. A curse because … man, who loves doing chores, really? But a blessing because, done right, maintenance can save you a whole lot of time and money. And painting is some of the most important maintenance you can do. So, if you’ve typed “how often should you repaint” into a search engine before and come up with a bunch of confusing answers, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Our paint pros lay down the truth.

How Often Should You Repaint Your Interior Walls*

Paint isn’t just a cost-effective way to change a room’s appearance. Correctly and regularly repainting your home’s interior can help walls last longer and look better.

Interior spaces come with their own kryptonite, like kids, pets, humidity, light or temperature fluctuations, and cigarette smoke. Certain spaces are more likely to need maintenance more often, based on the traffic load or environment (humid bathrooms, we’re looking at you).

On average, most interior paint jobs last between five and seven years. If you’re kid- or pet-free (or your kids, fur or otherwise, are older), it’s possible that you could bump that up to 10 years.

However, if it’s time for a redesign, you’ve got an area that gets extra wear and tear, or a space with environmental fluctuations (light, temperature or humidity), you may need to repaint more often.

Since these rooms typically get less traffic and are usually not subject to environmental extremes (though light exposure and fading could be an issue) we recommend repainting every five to seven years:

Adults’ bedroomsDining roomsLiving rooms

These areas tend to get more abuse (especially trim and baseboards). Plus, bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms are subject to humidity – and in the case of kitchens, cooking grease and odors. So, redo these every three to four years:

Baseboards and trimBathroomKitchenLaundry room

These high-traffic areas should get a paint job every two to three years:

HallwaysKids’ bedrooms

And finally, ceilings can go as much as 10 years between paint jobs, though if you or someone in your house is a smoker, you may want to redo them more often to combat yellowing.

How Often Should You Repaint Your Exterior Walls?*

Woman painting exterior vinyl home

Painting your home exterior is both time consuming and expensive, so it’s natural to want to put it off as long as you can. But paint is your first line of defense from the elements and is an important part of curb appeal. So, knowing how often you should repaint your exterior is as important as knowing when to redo your interior.

Your exterior paint is subject to a whole host of challenges. It gets wear and tear from the weather, sunlight and moisture in the form of rain and snow.

What’s the bottom line for how often you should repaint your exterior? A good rule of thumb is every five to 10 years, depending on the paint quality and whether it was correctly painted. There are different guidelines for different surfaces, though, for how often you should paint certain materials:

Paint aluminum siding every five yearsStucco should be repainted every five to six yearsRepaint wood every three to seven years

If you see wear and tear, cracked caulk or faded paint – or you’re putting your house on the market – that’s a sign it’s time to repaint.

Still have questions about how often you should repaint? Our interior painting and exterior painting services can help you take the mystery – and the work – out of repainting your house.

*Recommendations only

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4 Simple Ways to Create a Timeless Look in the Bathroom


When you purchased your home, you weren’t in love with the bathroom. Something about it just feels outdated. You want to give it new life and style, but renovations are expensive with about a 70 percent return on your investment. Although you don’t intend to sell your house in the near future, you’re also concerned about making your bathroom look updated for buyers down the road.

In many cases, you don’t necessarily have to spend a fortune and completely rebuild your bathroom to give it a fresh, new look. Here are some simple tips for sprucing up your bathroom on a budget!

Keep the Space Clean

Nothing turns off buyers more than seeing a dirty bathroom. Not only can it look (and be) unsanitary, it can make the space look much older than it does when it’s clean. Be sure you dedicate some time on a regular basis to simple maintenance to keep the bathroom clean, fresh, and in good shape. Every once in a while, perform a deep cleaning. Even if you keep your old tub or slightly dated countertop, buyers can feel confident that you’ve properly kept the home in excellent condition and have a more favorable impression of the house.

dd Greenery

In enclosed areas, particularly small rooms like most bathrooms, the air can feel stuffy or stagnant. Bringing plants into the room can help lighten the feeling as well as add a fun element of style. In fact, if you get a massage, chances are the spa has included natural elements to create a more soothing atmosphere. You can do the same at home!

If your bathroom doesn’t have a window, make sure you choose your plants wisely. Succulents work great in this kind of environment and require very little maintenance.

void Yellow in Paint

In the bathroom particularly, the color yellow can conjure up unpleasant feelings and thoughts. Even if the room has been thoroughly cleaned, this color makes the walls seem dirty and aged, creating an uncomfortable environment.

For the same reason, unfortunately, you may want to stay away from other colors that have yellow or brown undertones in them, such as beige, orange, or yellowy gray.

Choose a Timeless Paint Color

Although your child may want dramatic bathroom colors, future buyers may not appreciate it. Instead, consider painting the bathroom walls a classic color that doesn’t go out of style. These timeless colors include clean blues (both light and dark), pale aquamarine, and grayish off-whites. Not only are these colors calming, but they also have lasted through the passing fads, meaning you can trust them to be around for a long time.

Ultimately, if you think your bathroom could use a complete overhaul, go ahead and do it. However, perhaps all it needs is some minor adjustments to feel more updated. Before you grab a sledgehammer and spend a ton of money, consider these tips!

About Platinum Painting

For well over a decade, Platinum Painting has helped homeowners create beautiful spaces. We handle projects as expansive as a three-story home or as small as one room. Whether you’re painting a large master bathroom or a little half bathroom, our team makes sure every detail is to your liking. In fact, we’re not finished until we’ve passed your final inspection. If you are interested in scheduling a free in-home estimate, you can contact our Customer Care team online.

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Pull Off a Beautiful Home Remodel on a Budget


Who says you need to have a massive budget to transform your home? It’s completely possible to achieve a beautiful home remodel with a modest budget and a creative eye. Whether you want to focus all of your attention on one room or you’re hoping to spread your budget across several areas, there are methods to do so with limited funds. All it takes is the right know-how. 


So what is the key to a beautiful home remodel on a budget? Transform your abode for a small price tag by following these tips and tricks. 

Where Should I Start? 

It can be difficult to get the ball rolling when you decide to take on a home remodel project. Follow these steps to get started and set yourself up for success throughout the entire process.  

Square Away Your Budget

Before you do anything else, get realistic about how much you can actually spend. This will inform the rest of your remodel planning. Set a budget and account for a cushion of 15-20% for the inevitable bumps and setbacks you’ll run into along the way. Most home projects will come with some unexpected problems at some point in the process. 

Plan the Remodel 

Now that you have a figure, start brainstorming the projects you want to complete. What area of your home needs the most sprucing up? Which room would you like to make your own? When you’re working with a slim budget it can be hard to narrow down what areas to focus on. Be sure to take your time deciding where to direct your time and money. 

Which Rooms to Focus on

Depending on your budget, you’ll likely only get to remodel a room or two. Be sure to be discerning when you settle on an area. Ask yourself which rooms could most benefit from a refresh. Let’s take a look at some popular rooms you might want to consider focusing on.


The kitchen is often the heart and soul of a home. It makes sense to focus a limited budget on such a central space. There are plenty of quick, easy redesign projects you can take on to transform this area. Painting cabinets can be an affordable, fairly easy way to breathe new life into a kitchen. Changing out the hardware can also drastically change the feel of a kitchen. If you’re feeling especially ambitious, replace the backsplash. If you’re hoping to replace your sink, faucet, or other appliances on a budget, check out Habitat for Humanity or other similar establishments for deals on lightly used appliances. 


The bathroom can serve as a sanctuary and a tranquil space to start and end your day right. One easy way to customize this space is to replace the vanity mirror with one that better captures your unique taste. If you want to refresh your bathtub but don’t necessarily want to put down the cash for a new one, you can refinish it instead. Painting and changing out the lighting fixture among other simple aesthetic changes can also update the look and feel of your bathroom for a small price tag. 


The living room is another important meeting ground of any home. If you want to expand this space and you’re up for a more involved project, you can remove a non-loadbearing wall. While it may take some effort, this project isn’t as much of a cost commitment as it may seem. Another great way to update a living room is to replace the flooring with new carpet or manufactured wood. You can also invest in lightly used, new-to-you furniture. And, of course, you can paint your living room to give it a completely new feel.  


Need assistance with the paint job? Get in touch with Horner Painting!

More Quick Tips 

As you solidify a plan for your remodel project, try to get creative with how to stretch your dollar. There are countless small but meaningful changes you can make to infuse more “you” into your home. Here are a few more tips to get you started.  


Try doing renovations in the winter months. Manufacturers may offer discounted prices during the winter. You can find deals like close-out prices on appliances. 


We already mentioned this in some of the points above but it’s hugely helpful to shop second hand when you’re doing a home remodel on a budget. Reach for recycled or lightly used fixtures and building materials to save money and achieve a unique, stylish remodel. 


Focus on smaller, more manageable projects. Don’t get bogged down by the scale of every project you hope to complete down the road. Break it down into bite-sized mini-projects you can achieve with a modest budget. Think painting, changing out hardware, and mixing up the decor. 


Don’t throw out that “junk” – about 85 percent of a house is reusable. You can receive a tax deduction by donating old building materials and appliances from your remodel to Habitat for Humanity.  


Prep your walls for painting with a filament such as Texturglas for a smoother application. 


Don’t mess with the plumbing or wiring in your home. If possible, plan your remodel around these elements. Adjusting these can be a costly, time-consuming undertaking. Plus you can cause damage to your home if you DIY plumbing or electrical incorrectly. 

Happy Remodeling

Don’t underestimate what a small budget and an industrious spirit can achieve when taking on a home remodel. There are plenty of ways to make your space feel more like you without breaking the bank. All you need to do is use a bit of creativity and plan carefully. 

Need help with a painting project? Horner Paint is happy to assist you in improving your home interior. Together, we’ll determine the best way to achieve your remodeling goals. Learn more about our residential painting services here!