Wallpaper vs. Paint: What’s the Real Benefit of Both?

If you’re ready to give your home a new look, your thoughts probably turn first to painting it a fresh color. But don’t forget wallpaper. This once-maligned covering is popular again, with gorgeous prints plus peel-and-stick convenience. In the wallpaper vs paint battle, we’ll examine the pros and cons of both. Our goal is to help you weed through the branches of your decision tree and come up with the answer that suits you best.

Paint – the Pros and Cons

Paint is a classic option and probably the easiest to use, overall. Almost anyone can do it and it’s one of the most affordable decorative changes you can make. It’s a durable, easy-clean finish for families with kids. There’s an almost endless selection of colors. Depending on the sheen, it’s easy to touch up if it gets dinged.

The downside is that painting takes planning and time. There’s a ton of prep (cleaning and spackling walls, applying primer – not to mention taping and draping). Switching between lighter and darker colors can mean extra coats of paint. And trying to match an older shade can be tough. (That’s where our color consultants can help.)

Wallpaper vs Paint: Wallpaper’s Turn

Wallpaper has been the decorator’s friend throughout the years, but it declined in popularity around the turn of the 20th century. People got tired of stuffy, old-fashioned prints and the nightmare of getting wallpaper off the wall.

Enter the next gen of wallpaper, with beautiful prints and interesting textures. And while some paper is still best applied by pros, much of the newer wallpaper is peel-and-stick – made to go on and come off just as easily. (Which means even a renter can use it.)

Wallpaper is usually more expensive than paint. It’s less durable and if it gets damaged can be tough to repair. If you’re not hanging peel-and-stick, you probably would be better to hire the job out. And since it goes on with adhesive, it might not be the best long-term choice for high-moisture areas like bathrooms and kitchens.

The Bottom Line

Both paint and wallpaper are good décor choices. So, why choose one over the other? Paint your living room a beautiful color and enhance it with a wallpaper accent wall. Or hang textured wallpaper like grasscloth in your dining room and paint over it.

The bottom line? When considering wallpaper vs paint, remember that wall coverings encompass a vast, customizable world. Whichever one you choose will give your home the style you’re looking for.

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Painting During the Summer: How to Stay Safe

Painting during the summer seems to make sense. It’s hot, usually rains less than other times of the year, and the paint should dry quickly, speeding up the whole job, right? Wrong. We’re about to bust some summer painting myths, offer some ways you can keep yourself safe – and tell you how to get the best results when painting during hot weather.

Painting During the Summer: Is It Ever Too Hot?

In a word, yes. The perfect temp for painting home exteriors is 70 degrees Fahrenheit. There’s some wiggle room in there, of course. For example, if you’re using latex, the paint works best between 50-85 degrees. But if you’re going with oil-based paint, you have a broader range: 40-90 degrees.

For any type of paint, however, a temp over 95 degrees is too hot. That’s because excessive heat can cause the paint to dry too quickly, creating an uneven finish. It can also keep the paint from bonding properly to the surface, which can leave you with cracked, blistered or peeling paint (not to mention a painting do-over).

What About Humidity?

The average size house takes three to four days to paint. When you’re planning your job, look at the weather for a string of dry, still days. Don’t paint within 24 hours of rain.

But painting during the summer has another weather watch-out: humidity. That’s because humidity can cause as many problems as rain. For instance, high humidity can keep paint from drying. It can also form condensation on the house overnight, leading to poor adhesion, streaks and fading.

Wind can also be an issue, causing paint to dry unevenly and blowing debris into the paint. High winds can even topple ladders. So don’t paint if the wind is over a gentle breeze.

When’s the Best Time of Day to Paint?

Painting in high temps isn’t just bad for the paint – it can also be bad for you, causing heat stroke, exhaustion, cramps and dizziness. So if you do paint during the summer, paint in the coolest parts of the day, morning and evening.

Also stick to the parts of the house that are in the shade, moving with the sun as you work. This not only helps you stay safer it also makes for a better paint job.

How Can I Keep Cool While Painting?

Working in the heat is no joke. Every year, thousands of workers suffer heat-related illnesses, and some will die from overheating. So, it’s vital to have a plan to protect yourself while painting during the summer.

Here are some tips for staying safe in the heat:

Limit your time in the heatGo into the air conditioning to cool off regularlyLearn the symptoms of heat-related illness and first aidUse a buddy system – have someone observe you for signs of heat-related illnessesDrink cool water frequently

Painting your house is a big job and hot weather throws in some additional complications. Why not stay inside and let a pro do it for you? Check out our exterior painting services. We also stain and paint decks.

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Apartment Painting Tips to Help You Get Back Your Security Deposit

If you’ve ever moved out of an apartment, you know what a nail-biter it can be waiting on your security deposit refund. This is especially true if you’ve already paid a security deposit and the first month’s rent on a new place and your budget is tight. Apartment painting is one of the ways you can improve your chances of getting your deposit back. But, before you paint, there’s some important information to consider.

For Security Deposit Refunds, First, Know Thy Lease

Before you reach for a paintbrush, dig back through your files for your lease. There, you’ll find the list of all the things you can lose your security deposit over. While rental laws differ from state to state, most leases distinguish between “damage” and “wear and tear.” Usually, it’s the stuff on the “damage” column you have to look out for. That can include:

Big holes in the wall (including excessive holes from picture hangers)Fixtures and appliances broken due to negligence, like a dented fridge door or cracked bathroom tilesPoor cleaning habits – dirty stovetops, mold and mildew, water spots on the floorsUrine stains from petsStained or scuffed paint

If you want to get every penny back, download an apartment cleaning checklist. That will help you ensure you hit everywhere a landlord will look, including places you may not have thought of, like the top of the range hood and bifold door tracks.

Cleaning and Repair Tips

Regular wear and tear on walls, like minor dings or a normal number of holes from picture hangers, won’t trigger your landlord to keep your security deposit. But if there’s actual damage — like big scuff marks or holes in the wall — before you hand over the keys, you’ll need to repair it.

Use melamine foam to get rid of scuff marks on the walls and trim. Repair small drywall dings with painter’s putty and sandpaper. Larger holes in the wall may require more effort.

Don’t Paint, Yet

Before you break out the paintbrush to cover the spackling, ask your landlord about the paint policy (and be sure to get all answers in writing). Many landlords don’t require you to paint over patched drywall. Plus, it can be hard to match existing paint color – and you don’t want to repaint the whole place and have it turn out to be the wrong hue. (Your landlord will charge you to repaint then, for sure.) If your landlord will allow you to touch up paint, ask them to share the name of the paint color and the preferred sheen. Some landlords will provide the paint to make sure it will match.

If you painted any room in the apartment a non-approved color during your lease, repaint in the original color (again, ask the landlord for the paint, itself, or the right color). That way, you’ll save your security deposit.

And once you get to your new place, whether it’s a house or apartment, reach out for a free paint quote. Whether you want a new coat of paint to hide wear and tear or you want to explore different paint colors and embrace new design trends, painting your walls can dramatically improve your space.

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Choose Your Horoscope Power Colors for an Off-the-Charts Vibe

Any astrologer worth her charts knows the placement of her sun sign. But did you know that every sign also has its own color? Put your horoscope to work for you. Paint your house your zodiac sign colors, and your life could become as harmonious as a Grand Trine.

ries – Red

Blaze PPG13-16

Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, is driven to succeed. This motivated sign is represented by an equally powerful color – red. Try Blaze on an accent wall and bring the power of Aries to life.

Taurus – Pink

Ballet Slipper PPG1190-2

Taurus is associated with Venus, known as the goddess of love. So, it’s no surprise that Taurus’s horoscope color is pink. Try Ballet Slipper in a master bedroom for some zodiac-approved romance.

Gemini – Yellow

Flirtatious PPG1212-7

Gemini aligns itself with vibrant yellow, thanks to its lively, ever-changing energy. Be as energetic as your sign and paint your dining room a chrome-yellow, like Flirtatious.

Cancer – Silver

Peregrine PPG0993-1

Watery Cancer is a nurturing, emotional sign associated with the moon and its silvery tones. Draw on your horoscope to bring a sense of calm to your home with soft, cool Peregrine.

Leo – Gold

Gilded Gold MTL137

Leo the lion goes for the gusto. This limelight-loving sign struts its stuff in regal gold. Embrace your inner Leo by painting a powder room Gilded Gold.

Virgo – Green

Pinehurst PPG1140-6

Grounded Virgos do their best work when helping people optimize systems and processes. Green, the color of new growth, personifies this sign of service. Try a muted peacock green, Pinehurst, for a man cave or game room.

Libra – Light Blue

Magical PPG1160-2

Balanced Libra, represented by the scales, is a natural diplomat. Light blue, the color of peace and optimism, personifies its energy. Bring this feeling to light with a zodiac sign color like Magical.

Scorpio – Black

Midnight Hour PPG1038-7

Determined, brave and loyal Scorpio also loves dancing in the shadows. Its horoscope power color is black, a hue of strength and authority. Embrace your inner shadow with Midnight Hour.

Sagittarius – Purple

Pale Plum PPG1177-5

Sagittarius, the zodiac’s philosopher, loves thinking deep thoughts. Purple, the color of mystery and wisdom, represents this spiritual sign. A delicious heliotrope like Pale Plum captures Sag’s otherworldly nature.

Capricorn – Brown

Winter Cocoa PPG1000-4

Known as the Goat, Capricorn, is a grounded, strong sign. Its color, brown, symbolizes earth, maturity and intelligence. Bring your horoscope color to life with elegant Winter Cocoa.

quarius – Bright Blue

Brilliant Blue PPG1161-7

Ruled by Uranus, Aquarius is the most forward-thinking, socially minded of the signs. It’s represented by bright blue. Paint your front door Brilliant Blue and revel in your Aquarian originality.

Pisces – Green

Catalina PPG1142-5

Spiritual, watery Pisces takes for its color the green of the ocean. Try a paint color like Catalina. This calming, harmonizing hue is good for soothing the Piscean soul.

Find more options for horoscopes and zodiac sign colors at our Color Tool. Or learn about our residential painting service. Whether you need your whole house painted or just want to freshen up the living room with this year’s PPG paint color of the year, Paintzen interior house painting services are equipped for all of your painting needs.

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Accent Walls That Are So Fresh You Have To Look

When you hear the word “accent wall,” you probably think of a single wall painted a different color from the rest as a focal point. But accent wall ideas don’t have to stop there. For example, did you know that you can use accent walls to create space and intrigue? Read on for more focal point painting tips.

Offset Accent Wall

While this is a traditional color block accent wall, what makes it interesting is its juxtaposition to the neutral wall behind. You’re not just painting a colorful wall in a square room here – you’re creating a sophisticated visual effect by layering colors. Like a garden path, this creates a feeling of mystery, pulling your eye (and your curiosity) into the back part of the room.

Framed Nook

Got a neutral room that needs some punch? Don’t paint the room — paint the hallway. Then, add to the visual interest by using an open doorway to frame an interesting table or mirror.

Coordinating Colors

Don’t stop at one color when thinking of accent walls. Instead, think of sightlines — what you see at various points in the room. When you’re standing at one end of this room, for example, you’ll see the neutral walls highlighted by the mint green focal wall. But from another spot, the neutral, green and gold will all come into play. The graduated colors lead people through the room, as the eye naturally follows the changing hues.

Eye-Catching Shelving

Use an architectural feature like a built-in bar as a focal point by painting it a different color from the rest of the room. In this large, white space, it can be hard to know where to look. But the gray cabinets give the eye a starting point and gracefully lead it through the room.

Retro Angles

Create a vintage look by painting coordinating colors in large triangles. This is a great design tip for a small space where you want visual appeal but don’t have room for a lot of art. The shapes come alive when paired with a harmonizing pillow.

Pretty Wallpaper

Don’t stop at paint when considering an accent wall. Wallpaper is a natural for this kind of project because it gives you a range of colors and patterns to choose from. As with paint, you don’t have to do a whole wall. Just do a portion – use some behind the bed as a headboard, highlight a couch or dining table, or try an off-center installation like this one to layer in color.

Bright Niche

Like the built-in bar above, this room has a cool architectural feature in the form of the long, horizontal shelf. Create a focal point by painting it a bright hue. You’ll love the pep it brings your whole room.

For more great ideas for accent walls, contact our color consultants. We’d love to help you pick the right colors for your home and we’ll start by sending free 8” by 8” paint samples. (Psst! Did you know we also install and remove wallpaper?)

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How to Choose Paint Like a Pro

Before the process of painting your home begins, you need to choose a color that works well with the space. This can actually be surprisingly tricky, as factors such as how light affects it, how it matches the woodwork, and whether it makes the room feel more open or more claustrophobic, all come into play. Read on for a handful of foolproof color selection tips for your room painting project!

Are you in Northern Colorado and want to make sure your residential or commercial painting project goes off without a hitch? Horner Painting provides professional painting services throughout the region with reliably high-quality results and hands-on customer support. We find that putting people first produces the best painting experience. Contact us today to speak with a Fort Collins painting contractor about your upcoming project today!

Where Should You Start?

When choosing what color to paint your room, a good place to start is to consider the amount and direction of natural light in the room. Contextualizing the light along with the existing colors and shapes in the room (such as rugs and furniture) can help you quickly narrow down your options. Bright, clean natural light will brighten up the paint so that the true color shows well, while a southern facing room may be warmed up by the warmer natural lighting it will get.

Feeling of Spaciousness

When you want to make your room feel more spacious and open, brighter colors are often a better choice, as they will reflect more natural light. However, if the concept for the room is less “openness” than “coziness,” a deeper, moodier color may be superior for achieving that affect.


When getting multiple rooms painted in your house at the same time, there should be some consideration regarding how to make the colors feel coordinated and flow seamlessly from one room to the next. An easy way to do this is to choose different shades within the same color family. For example, having one room with a medium blue, and the next one a few shades lighter. Complimentary colors also help build a sense of cohesion — for example, you have that medium blue in one room and then go for a medium-hued gray hue in the next.

How to Use White

White is actually one of the hardest colors to get right. The subtle undertones and considerations of warmth and balancing it with the other colors in the room can be difficult. Generally, eggshell white is best for finishing walls, as it gives a soft sheen, while semi-gloss looks great for trim and matches eggshell white walls well.

Get More on Choosing Interior Wall Colors

Want more professional advice as to what color to paint your interior walls? Whether you are a homeowner or are getting your business’s walls repainted, Horner Painting is here to help. We pay very close attention to all the details, and provide excellent customer service at every step of the interior painting process. If you are in Northern Colorado, contact Horner Painting today to get help bringing your interior painting vision to life!

(303) 415-2508

Get a Free Estimate CTA

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How to Spruce Up Your Lawn

We’re taking a break from our traditional paint-themed articles to bring you a few tips to get your lawn in top shape as the grass starts turning its greenest here in Northern Colorado. As we begin to turn on our sprinklers and our mowers for the first time, now is the perfect time to set up your lawn for a successful summer. And if you’re like most folks, you may have a few brown patches, a few dozen weeds, and a bit of thatch built up from winter. So, we’ve cataloged a few tips you can try out to make your lawn the talk of the town. Take a look!


Plenty of homeowners neglect to aerate their lawn, but it’s a good habit to get into. It’s recommended that folks aerate twice per year to improve the soil of the lawn, preferably in the spring and fall. Aerating helps to soften dirt, bringing a bit of air to grass roots, while also mixing up much needed nutrients. Plus, water will more easily penetrate your soil after aerating. So, your grass will have more nutrients, more water, and more air. Don’t have an aerator? You can rent a machine aerator from your local hardware store for a few hours, or invest in a step-on aerator that you can use with your feet.


Fertilizing replenishes your lawn’s soil with all the nutrients it needs to support healthy grass. It’s best to fertilize your lawn once per year, and now is the perfect time to do it! Pick up a bag of fertilizer and use a fertilizer spreader to give your lawn a thin coating. Be sure to follow the instructions of the fertilizer you purchase. Most fertilizers recommend giving your lawn a good soak beforehand, to help the nutrients to penetrate the soil. Don’t forget to keep your pets and kiddoes off the lawn for a day or two, since some fertilizers can be harmful.


If you’re turning your sprinklers on for the first time this season, be sure to check all of your sprinkler heads. Sprinkler heads often break or become misaligned over winter, so you may have to do a bit of maintenance to ensure you have even coverage over your whole lawn. It’s best to set your system timer to go off at night, just before sunrise, to ensure that the water doesn’t evaporate right away. Adjust the amount of time that you water for the heat, or if there is rain in the forecast, so you don’t end up overwatering your lawn. Give your lawn about 20 minutes of water every other day in the spring, and possibly every day in the height of the summer to ensure your grass gets about an inch of water per week.

Here for Spring Painting

As the green season is in full form, and it’s the perfect time for house painting. As the temperatures rise, we’re scheduling exterior home painting projects for folks throughout Northern Colorado. We hope you’ve enjoyed our lawncare tips, and as always, you can count on us for all your painting needs. Horner Painting provides home painting services for folks throughout Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley, Windsor, Johnstown, Wellington, Severance, and Timnath — simply reach out to us to get started!

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Home Improvement Tips for Mother’s Day

May is here, which means rising temperatures, afternoon thunderstorms, and of course, Mother’s Day. We want to take a moment to celebrate all of the mothers, grandmothers, great grandmothers and wives out there who have shaped us and our community. We give thanks for all the hard work they put forth, and the warmth they provide us. That’s why we’re taking a moment to offer up a few springtime home improvement tips that we can all take part in, so that we can brighten Mom’s day! As always, you can count on Horner Painting for interior and exterior home painting services; after all, a fresh coat of paint can work wonders to transform your home, bringing a smile to any mother’s face. Simply reach out to us to get started, and to take advantage of our early bird pricing specials on exterior painting services. Now let’s delve into a few more home improvement projects that you can take on as we approach Mother’s Day (which is on Sunday, May 9!).

Springtime Gardening

Early May doesn’t just mark the time to celebrate mothers, it’s also the best time to begin gardening. Whether Mom likes to garden, or you’re the green thumb of the house, everybody can enjoy delicious veggies and beautiful flowers that your garden can bring. Take time this week to till your garden beds and lay in seeds. If you don’t have garden beds, now is the time to build them. Consider making a raised bed with railroad ties or exterior-grade lumber. Or, till straight into the ground to make a makeshift garden with veggies that will be just as delicious. And feel free to get the kids involved!

Carpet Cleaning

The spring season also marks that time of the year where we dust away the cobwebs of winter, cleaning the house from tip to toe. Yet, folks often forget to give their carpets a thorough cleaning as they practice the spring cleaning tradition. Carpet cleaning can work wonders to transform your home, especially if you have pets and kiddos who bring more dirt in the front door every minute. Try to set aside a time to rent a commercial carpet cleaner from your local hardware store if you’re a do-it-yourselfer. Or consider hiring a professional company while Mom is away from the house for a few hours for a welcome surprise!

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling

If you’re a handyman, you can show your appreciation for the mum in your life with a kitchen or bathroom remodel. While you’ll have to set aside a bit of money and plenty of time for these projects, a home remodel can prove useful, valuable, and appealing to the eye. Transform a bathroom with modern fixtures, or get rid of that old, outdated wallpaper. Or pull out the appliances of your kitchen and replace them with new, more efficient, stainless steel models. If you’re feeling bold, a remodeling project is sure to show your love and appreciation for Mom.

Our Early Bird Specials

We hope that you’ve enjoyed our ideas, and we hope you enjoy the weekend celebrating time with all of the mothers in your life. We’ll be here throughout the summer, ready to provide you with home painting services at the drop of a hat. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to take advantage of our early bird specials this spring.

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High-Value Home Improvements

Home improvements are expensive. Yet, they can be well worth the investment. Homeowners have long opted to pour money into their homes not just to better customize them to their needs, but also to up the home’s equity, as well as its resale value. If you’re one of the many homeowners out there striving to boost your home’s market value, you may be asking yourself: What are the best investments for my home? What improvements will earn me the most value in the long run? Well, we’ve done some digging, and we’d like to highlight four of the best value-per-dollar investments you can make to improve your home. Here’s our list.

Basement Finish

If you have the money (or the time, tools, and experience to do it yourself), finishing your basement can earn you as much or more money than you invest. Consider finishing your basement with an extra room or two, and an additional bathroom. If you have extra space, tacking on an entertainment room is a great idea. And you can add a storage room (which can remain unfinished). Don’t go overboard on customizations (like integrated surround sound, or a built-in bar), unless you’re planning on enjoying these amenities yourself; when you opt to put your home on the market, you may not earn as much money for basement renovation than you put into it if your home purchaser doesn’t like the custom details as much as you do.

You may also consider finishing your basement with an apartment configuration (including a bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen), so that you can rent the space. Consider adding a separate entrance to your basement if you’re finishing it with a full apartment. Adding a garden apartment is an excellent source of passive income while you’re living in your current abode, and it can be an appealing selling point should you ever put your home on the market in the future.

Exterior Updates

Updating your home’s exterior won’t just provide better protection for your home, it will boost its value and curb appeal. If you have damaged siding, worn out paint, or siding that could use a facelift (like added trim and details, or a stone facade), then an exterior update is a great idea. Replace any damaged siding along the surfaces of your home. And paint your home siding if it hasn’t been painted in five years or longer (of course, you can count on Horner Painting to paint the exterior of your home!). If you have the budget, you can update your siding with a new, tack-on facade of stone and extra trim details to make your home look warmer and richer.

Kitchen & Bathroom Remodels

Do you have a kitchen with outdated appliances or tacky countertops? Or perhaps your bathroom still has an odd avocado-green bathtub. Updating these outdated rooms can work wonders to modernize your home, making it more appealing for homebuyers in the future. Consider replacing old cabinetry, laminate countertops, laminate floors, outdated appliances, and fixtures that don’t fit the character of your home. Consider stainless steel appliances, timeless wood cabinets, and granite countertops in the kitchen. Or update your bathroom with a modern, high-efficiency toilet, a tiled shower, a simple, modern vanity, and fixture changes.

dd a Deck

If you don’t already have a deck, adding a modest deck can prove to be an affordable facelift to boost the value of your home. Consider adding a deck that is open and utilitarian, with space for dining and cooking. Your deck shouldn’t take away too much yard space, and it should be well integrated with your landscape and the trees on your property. Don’t forget to plan your deck for its view, and consider installing privacy fencing if you have neighbors nearby. Don’t forget to stain and maintain your deck to keep it protected from weathering; stain your deck every two to three years.

Call Horner for Exterior Painting

As always, if you live here in Northern Colorado, you can trust Horner Painting for a professional paint job that is sure to boost the value and curb appeal of your home. Horner Painting provides painting services for our neighbors throughout Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley, Windsor, Johnstown, Wellington, Severance, and Timnath. Plus, we’re currently offering early bird specials for folks who schedule spring painting! Simply reach out to us today for an estimate on your upcoming painting project. We hope you’ll call on Horner for our painting services to make your home the talk of the neighborhood!

Your Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

March means rising temps and it brings us the first day of spring (March 20!). And as we come out of our caves from winter hibernation, it’s time for some housekeeping. While spring is synonymous with cleaning the interior of your home — we’ve all heard of “spring cleaning” — spring is truly the perfect time to tend to your home’s exterior and your landscape. With snow melting and the ground thawing out, it’s time to tend to your home exterior, your deck, and the garden. That’s why we’ve cataloged a quick checklist that you can tackle to ensure that your property looks its best, and your home is ready for the upcoming summer.

Reseal Exterior Wood

Do you have a deck? A wood fence? A pergola? A gazebo? It’s time to reseal all of the exterior wood around your property. Most outdoor wood should be sealed every one to three years to preserve the wood and to fend off rot and weathering. Clean the exterior wood structures on your property with a pressure sprayer (be sure to use a low, yet effective PSI setting), let the wood dry out, and stain your surfaces on a warm, sunny day.

Check Your Roof

Winter can wreak havoc on a roof, especially here in Colorado. With heavy snows and huge daily temperature swings, your roofing material can deteriorate quickly. Be especially wary of damage that may have occurred over the cold season if you have an asphalt roof or wood shake roof, since these materials are more susceptible to damage from snow and ice.

Turn on Those Sprinklers

Once temperatures no longer dip below freezing at night, your sprinklers and irrigation lines can be turned on throughout your property. Be sure to give all of the zones in your yard and garden a test run, and check each sprinkler head and drip line. Sprinkler heads are liable to malfunction after a winter season of wear, so you may

have to do some adjusting and you may have to replace a head or two. Be mindful of pooling water anywhere along your irrigation lines or reduced pressure coming through the lines — both can be an indication that you have a leak in your system that will require some attention.

Get Gardening

Spring is the perfect time to till soil, trim trees, and plant a few veggies. If you have a garden, till the soil while it is warm and moist. You can add in fertilizer, compost, or top soil to improve the quality of the soil. If you have trees scattered throughout your landscape, take time to assess the health of each tree. Look for dead limbs that aren’t growing leaves or signs of rot, and remove any tree limbs that are hazardous. If you’re a green thumb, then you know that the early bird gets the worm when it comes to garden planting. Spring marks the best season to plant many greens, cucumber, onions, beans, peas, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes, and peppers, among other plants.

Paint Your Home Exterior

Spring is the perfect season to paint your home exterior. Temperatures are warm enough, and it’s the ideal time to protect your home against spring showers and summer sun rays. Take a quick look at your home’s siding for signs of deterioration, such as discoloration, cracked and chipped paint, and damage to the siding itself. If you notice these signs or if it’s been more than five years since you’ve had your home painted, then it’s time for a fresh coat!

Here for Spring Painting

If you live here in Northern Colorado, you can count on Horner Painting to paint your home this spring. Horner Painting provides painting services for our neighbors throughout Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley, Windsor, Johnstown, Wellington, Severance, and Timnath. As a matter of fact, we’re offering early bird specials for folks who schedule spring painting as winter comes to a close! Take advantage of our lowest prices of the year, and reach out to us today for an estimate on your upcoming painting project. Best wishes from the team here at Horner Painting as you take care of your home this spring!