Choose Your Horoscope Power Colors for an Off-the-Charts Vibe

Any astrologer worth her charts knows the placement of her sun sign. But did you know that every sign also has its own color? Put your horoscope to work for you. Paint your house your zodiac sign colors, and your life could become as harmonious as a Grand Trine.

ries – Red

Blaze PPG13-16

Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, is driven to succeed. This motivated sign is represented by an equally powerful color – red. Try Blaze on an accent wall and bring the power of Aries to life.

Taurus – Pink

Ballet Slipper PPG1190-2

Taurus is associated with Venus, known as the goddess of love. So, it’s no surprise that Taurus’s horoscope color is pink. Try Ballet Slipper in a master bedroom for some zodiac-approved romance.

Gemini – Yellow

Flirtatious PPG1212-7

Gemini aligns itself with vibrant yellow, thanks to its lively, ever-changing energy. Be as energetic as your sign and paint your dining room a chrome-yellow, like Flirtatious.

Cancer – Silver

Peregrine PPG0993-1

Watery Cancer is a nurturing, emotional sign associated with the moon and its silvery tones. Draw on your horoscope to bring a sense of calm to your home with soft, cool Peregrine.

Leo – Gold

Gilded Gold MTL137

Leo the lion goes for the gusto. This limelight-loving sign struts its stuff in regal gold. Embrace your inner Leo by painting a powder room Gilded Gold.

Virgo – Green

Pinehurst PPG1140-6

Grounded Virgos do their best work when helping people optimize systems and processes. Green, the color of new growth, personifies this sign of service. Try a muted peacock green, Pinehurst, for a man cave or game room.

Libra – Light Blue

Magical PPG1160-2

Balanced Libra, represented by the scales, is a natural diplomat. Light blue, the color of peace and optimism, personifies its energy. Bring this feeling to light with a zodiac sign color like Magical.

Scorpio – Black

Midnight Hour PPG1038-7

Determined, brave and loyal Scorpio also loves dancing in the shadows. Its horoscope power color is black, a hue of strength and authority. Embrace your inner shadow with Midnight Hour.

Sagittarius – Purple

Pale Plum PPG1177-5

Sagittarius, the zodiac’s philosopher, loves thinking deep thoughts. Purple, the color of mystery and wisdom, represents this spiritual sign. A delicious heliotrope like Pale Plum captures Sag’s otherworldly nature.

Capricorn – Brown

Winter Cocoa PPG1000-4

Known as the Goat, Capricorn, is a grounded, strong sign. Its color, brown, symbolizes earth, maturity and intelligence. Bring your horoscope color to life with elegant Winter Cocoa.

quarius – Bright Blue

Brilliant Blue PPG1161-7

Ruled by Uranus, Aquarius is the most forward-thinking, socially minded of the signs. It’s represented by bright blue. Paint your front door Brilliant Blue and revel in your Aquarian originality.

Pisces – Green

Catalina PPG1142-5

Spiritual, watery Pisces takes for its color the green of the ocean. Try a paint color like Catalina. This calming, harmonizing hue is good for soothing the Piscean soul.

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