Steps to Paint Brick the Right Way


You’ve decided to take the plunge—you’re painting the brick on the outside of your house. The earthy tones used to be in style at one point, but now you want your house to stand out and really make a statement. Good choice! But painting brick isn’t quite like painting other surfaces. If you want the finished product to look amazing, you need to approach it differently. Here are the steps to doing the job the right way and mistakes to avoid in the process.

Why You Should Get Help

When it comes to DIY projects, painting may initially seem simple enough. However, flaws in the exterior painting can be apparent to anyone who walks or drives by your house or comes to visit. Getting the brick right is important if you want to make a good impression. Turn to Platinum Painting to handle the stress of this project. As professionals, we know how to paint brick, and we have years of experience doing it correctly.

Step #1: Power Wash

Unless the house is brand-new, chances are that your exterior brick could use a thorough cleaning. Years of dirt and grime need to come off before you paint, or it won’t adhere properly to the brick. Use a power washer to flush out all the nooks and crannies. Although you could in theory get a brush and scrub the bricks with a cleaning mixture, this method would require hours of hard effort, especially if you have a large house.

Step #2: Fill and Caulk

Before you paint, you need to take a closer look at the brick and grout. Are there any cracks, holes, or leaks? These weakened areas can allow moisture to seep through and damage the interior of your house. Now is the time to caulk them and seal off these access points, protecting your home from moisture. Give the acrylic caulk plenty of time to set before moving on to the next phase.

Step #3: Prime and Paint

Did you know there is a special primer specifically for masonry? Brick is unique in that it is especially porous and rough. As a result, it needs to be primed prior to opening the first paint can. Whether you choose to use a sprayer or a brush to apply paint to brick, you must make sure to paint from all angles. Otherwise, even coverage can be difficult to achieve, and you’re more likely to end up with mistakes or flaws in the paint job.

Ultimately, on your own painting your exterior brick can feel overwhelming, but when you have a team who has completed the process countless times, you can simply look forward to the final result with less stress and more excitement!

About Platinum Painting

With a background in home design and customer service, Platinum Painting owners Karl and Marjorie Pickens started the company in 2008. Although the team has grown since then, many of our employees have been with us since the beginning. As a result, we know which materials are best for each job and how to approach each project. Would you like to have a free in-person estimate? Contact Platinum Painting and talk to our Customer Care team today!

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