3 Things You Should Do Before the Painting Crew Comes


After spending so much time at home over the past year and a half, you’ve decided that your house’s exterior could use a new coat of paint. You don’t want to take this Herculean project on yourself, so you hire a residential painting company to do it for you.

But then when you schedule the team to come and paint, they give you a list of things you need to do to get ready. Aren’t you hiring them to do everything for you? Do you really need to follow these instructions for prepping your house to paint? Here are the steps you as a homeowner should take before the crew arrives and why it’s important to do them.

Turn Off Sprinklers

If you have a set timer for your sprinkler system, make sure it is turned off by the time the painting crew has come to start exterior painting. They likely don’t want to get soaking wet, and you certainly don’t want streaks or drips in the final paint finish.

Clear the Space

Do you have flower pots or ornaments hung outside your home? Do you have toys, patio furniture, or a grill that’s located near the house? These things need to be removed from the workspace in order for the painting team to get to work right away. Otherwise, they have to spend that time—on your dime—doing it for you. Plus, even though the team will try to be careful, there’s no guarantee that your possessions will be undamaged.

Keep Animals Contained

Your dog or other pet may want to say hello to the painting crew, but animals can get in the way. You need to secure your pets in another area or inside the house so that the team doesn’t have to worry about your pet accidentally escaping or distracting from their work. Also, it’s important to make sure any messes your pet may have left in the work area have been cleared so that the painters don’t step in them.

Why You Need to Prepare the Outside for Painting

Perhaps you’re thinking to yourself that you don’t want to do any work before the painting crew comes. However, that could be a costly mistake. Not doing these simple steps beforehand can make the process much more complicated and cause the project to take longer than expected, which means you pay more. Or you could end up with results that don’t look as flawless as they could.

Getting your house ready for exterior painting doesn’t take a ton of time. By doing this prep work, you can save money in the long run and make sure that the outside of your house is as beautiful as you imagined.

About Platinum Painting

Since 2008, Platinum Painting has made homeowners’ design dreams a reality. While we handle steps like power washing the exteriors, sealing up cracks, and cleaning up afterward, the Platinum Painting team asks homeowners to take these preparatory steps to make the most efficient use of time. We also are happy to provide in-person estimates, which are far more accurate than over-the-phone quotes you get with other companies. You can learn more about the Platinum Painting difference by contacting our Customer Care team!

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