Let Austin Inspire Your Curb Appeal For a Look That’s All You

Everything’s bigger in Texas, including curb appeal, and Austin – with its penchant for bringing the weird – is one of Texas’s brightest curb-appeal stars. To bring the flavor of Austin to your home, we scoured the streets of Bat City to find the paint colors that are hotter than a Texas summer.

Take Your Cue From Old Austin


Frosty Glade PPG1146-4

Frosty Glade-PPG1146-4

Austin is filled with beautiful, old neighborhoods, like Travis Heights and North University, populated by sprawling bungalows, stately brick homes and graceful Tudors. While Austin is known for keeping it weird, these neighborhoods tend to rely on classic colors to tell their homes’ stories.

One of the most popular colors in this area is farmhouse white, paired with a light blue or aqua door. Match the shutters to the door for a traditional look or try white shutters on white paint for a fun twist. Gypsum by PPG Paints is a grayish white with a classic style. Bring the curb appeal with a cooled-down aqua like Frosty Glade.

If You Love Bungalows, Try This

Sweater Weather PPG0999-5

Sweater Weather-PPG0999-5

Faith PPG1221-4


Rum Punch PPG1190-7

Rum Punch-PPG1190-7

Bungalows are at their best when painted a whimsical mix of natural hues, like a mix of brown, green and red. Paint walls a saturated greige like Sweater Weather, then add a honeydew hue like Faith for the trim. With a red door in Rum Punch, you’ve got an instant charmer.

re You a Fan of Blue? You’ll Love This

Kingston Aqua PPG1150-4

Kingstone Aqua-PPG1150-4

Delicate White PPG1001-1

Delicate White-PPG1001-1

Burgundy Wine PPG1053-7

Burgundy Wine-PPG1053-7

If blue is your hue, you’ll love this Austin-inspired color scheme, which pairs a bluebell blue with rust and white for a crisp, happy look. Roll Kingston Aqua on the walls, Delicate White on the trim and deep, rich rust like Burgundy Wine for the door.

Go Big and Go Home

Tropical Splash PPG1233-5

Tropical Splash-PPG1233-5

Pacific Pearl PPG1011-1

Pacific Pearl-PPG1011-1

Stunning Sapphire PPG1158-7

Stunning Sapphire-PPG1158-7

Funkier vibes create memorable curb appeal, and Austin is, after all, known for being funky. Bring a taste of the coast to the Hill Country with a bright aqua wall color like Tropical Splash. Pair it with trim in a true white like Pacific Pearl, and blink it out with a bold, blue front door in Stunning Sapphire.

While we’re talking Austin and all things Texas, did you know that September is state-fair month? The State Fair of Texas has been drawing Texas fans since 1886. It’s the longest-running fair in the nation – as well as (no surprise here) one of the largest. If you’re in the neighborhood in September, join our friends from Austin, Dallas, Houston and every other town in the state for some all-American fun!

Interested in creating your own little piece of Texas at home? Let our color consultants help you find exactly the right color scheme for your casa.

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