How to Paint Your Home in Compliance with HOA


Are you tired of your home’s exterior paint? You may be interested in adding a fresh coat of paint to improve the look of your property. However, if you live in a neighborhood with a community homeowner’s association, you’ll have to get HOA board approval before starting your project. Unfortunately, getting the green light may not be as easy as you think. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a few tips on painting your home while remaining HOA compliant – just keep reading to learn more!

Why Is Compliance Important?

If you paint the exterior of your home without HOA compliance, they’ll be unhappy and issue you a fine. Some HOA’s may even take it a step further and pursue heftier fines if changes aren’t made after being approached the first time. The good news is you can easily avoid these problems by correctly appealing to the HOA. In most cases, you’ll have to fill out a form and supply the HOA with an exact color swatch matching the hue. Although it can take weeks before you get an official answer, it’s the only way to avoid a fine and unnecessary hassle.

Tips for HOA-Compliant Exterior Painting

Before you start an exterior painting project, you’ll want to make sure that you remain HOA compliant. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Look Up the Restrictions

Find your HOA’s restrictions on home exterior paint colors. In most cases, they won’t allow you to paint your home any bright, loud, or unusual colors. That’s usually because they want to maintain a consistent look throughout the neighborhood. Before looking at color samples, make sure you know which ones are permitted so you can avoid choosing one that won’t be approved.

Look At Your Neighbors

Although general uniformity is desired, duplication is not. That said, many HOA’s won’t allow you to use the exact same color scheme as one of your neighbors. If that’s true of your HOA, take a look at the houses in your neighborhood and mark their color schemes off your list. You’ll want to avoid duplicating the exact colors of any house close to yours.

sk for Permission

Ask your HOA for permission to paint your home’s exterior. They’ll review your color choices and make sure they meet the HOA’s guidelines. If you’ve done your research and followed the tips listed in this post, you should have no trouble getting their approval!

The HOA’s job is to make sure your neighborhood looks nice, which means your paint job needs to be well-done. The best way to ensure quality results is to hire a professional painting crew – they’ll make sure you have a crisp, clean paint job that the HOA will have no reason to complain about!

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