Good and Bad Paint Choices for Bathroom Colors


Your guests have just arrived for a long, overdue get-together. You’ve meticulously prepared the rooms they’ll see the most, specifically the kitchen and the living room. But have you paid enough attention to the bathroom colors? Chances are they’ll visit this room a couple of times during their visit, and it can make a powerful impression.

You can’t treat a bathroom just like every other room in the house, and there are certain colors you should and shouldn’t consider for this important room. Read on to find out how you can make your bathroom a pleasant place to visit for you and your guests.

Smart Choices for Bathroom Paint

What color work well for a bathroom? Which ones can create the kind of environment you want there? Here are colors to think about when it comes time to repainting your bathroom.

Ocean Aquamarine

Is there anything more comforting than the sound of ocean waves ebbing and flowing on the beach? With an aquamarine color on the walls and a beach/nautical theme in décor, you can feel relaxed as you enter the bathroom, almost as if you’re escaping real life with a brief retreat.

Calm, Light Blue

You don’t have to go for an aquatic vibe in your bathroom, but blue is a commonly chosen color for the bathroom because of its calming effect. Think of the kind of blue you’d see on a robin’s egg. This shade is clean, light, and airy but not too bright. Other neutrals, such as gray or off-white can have a similar effect.

Deep, Dark Blue

If you prefer a darker color for the bathroom, you can choose to paint the walls with a deeper blue, but be careful. Dark colors can make a space seem more intimate, potentially making a small powder room feel even smaller. If you choose a rich, deep blue or a charcoal brown, make sure you include accent pieces that bring more lightness to the room. Or you could consider highlighting one wall with a bold color and putting a lighter complementary color on the others.

Bad Choices for Bathroom Paint

There are certain shades that work in other rooms but simply shouldn’t be used in a bathroom. After a while, bathrooms tend to look dingy and grimy, usually assuming muddy or beige undertones. As a result, you should not use these kinds of colors on the walls. They have long been out of style and can make your bathroom appear outdated and dirty.

In addition, although kids may find them fun, the bathroom isn’t the best place for bright neon colors, which can be especially overwhelming in small spaces. Instead, you can choose a bold accent color of their choosing to make the room fun, yet still tolerable.

Although your bathroom isn’t where you or your guests will spend the most time, it’s still important. By following these tips, it can provide a calm, beautiful area for anyone to visit.

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