4 Rules to Break While Painting Your Child’s Room


When you paint a child’s room, you should throw all of your adult rules out the door! This can be a fun bonding and learning experience for both you and your little one if you have an open mind. By involving them in redecorating their space, you’ll be able to learn more about their personality and help them channel their inner, tiny artist. Read on to learn four tips for painting a kid’s room to get the most out of this project.

Throw Sophistication & Neutrality Away

Typically, when adults are about to paint their bedroom, living room, or bathroom, the first considerations are what colors would be timeless and sophisticated and how do the walls and furniture complement each other. When you paint a child’s bedroom, it should be a completely different planning process that’s based around what your child values!

Brainstorm Different Color Schemes

If you have a blank slate and aren’t sure about what colors you want to paint your little one’s room, look to the internet for help! Idea-boards like Pinterest are a great place to start because they offer the latest trends and have a vast array of easily-accessible color schemes and themes that you and your child could look at together.

Consider Fun, Themed Decorations

Another consideration to keep in mind while you’re picking out the colors of your child’s room is whether you want themed decorations, what types of existing accessories will carry over into the new room, carpet or wood flooring color, and the color of the furniture. Try not to choose a color scheme that will clash with any of the decorations that you’re going to incorporate into their room.

Get Your Kiddo Involved

To make this project meaningful, fun, and a bonding experience, get your child involved in the process! Have them look at pictures on Pinterest with you, go to the store to pick out the color of paint, and let them choose a couple decorations themselves to make the space truly their own. Not only will this be incredibly rewarding for you, but their involvement will provide the same sense of accomplishment for them, helping you see the project through from beginning-to-end.

If you’ve never painted a room in your house before, it’s a good idea to consult with your professional painter for tips on details, like what sheen of paint to purchase and what colors look best together. That way, you can end up with the best possible results.

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